Incunabula are writings that may be ancient in origin or have formed the basis of civilizations, cultures, or movements that have had a lasting impression on world legends, history, or belief systems. The goal of my collection is to represent a large cross-section of these writings in a format that can be easily studied and used to the enlightenment of the world. The word Incunabula is latin which means swaddling clothes, and denotes an origin of some sort. The histories, accounts, legends, and stories presented on this site are original, ancient, public-domain, and therefore must belong to all mankind.

This site does not present copyrighted works for view or download. This Incunabulibrary is presented to offer a means for those who do not have access to huge libraries to study the works in them, to research the implications of this history, and hopefully to act on this information for the betterment of this world. If we remember that the popular fictional character and adventurer, Indiana Jones was always associated with a university so that he could both study and teach the history that he revealed, we can understand why he wanted to believe that the artifacts he discovered were to belong in a museum. Unfortunately, we do not all have the calling to be an actor or college professor. It is also unfortunate that these museums tend to acquire political agendas and have practical constraints on which artifacts are available for view by the public.

These texts are English translations that are public domain and may be used in whole or in part for other projects and for personal use. The use of particular translations or implementations may be copyrighted by individuals or groups, so use caution and check local laws. However, this page makes no other claim whatsoever of copyright protection.